The lime flower

The tree of love

The lime flower’s essential oil is sweet and inspiring. It is made up of over one thousand components that clear the respiratory tract of dust, impurities and hardened mucus. The lime flower makes us sweat to burn up everything that is harmful to health.

Simply soothing

The word "lime" is an altered form of Middle English "lind", which refers to soft, smooth or soothing characteristics. 
Under its bright crown of leaves, even the old Germanic and Slavic people held court and dispensed justice. Once relationship problems had been smoothed over, the people danced lovingly with each other under the dance lime flower. The lime flower was considered to be the home of the goddess Freya, the protector of female justice.
She symbolises family cohesion and the home.


Plant family: Malvaceae
Synonyms: Large-leaved linden, broad-leaved lime
Blossoms: June to July
Harvest: Blossoms and spathaceous bract: June to July
Vegetation: In sunny locations, requires little water but a high level of humidity, prefers chalky ground
Origin: Native
Distinguishing features: The leaves are heart-shaped and the blossoms shine with a warm light. The sweet aroma warms the heart, making people speak and act straight from the heart.

Simply calming

Lime flower blossoms drive fevery heat out of the body by promoting sweating, clear the respiratory tract and make the voice clear and bright. They relieve irritable coughs and soothe inflamed frontal and maxillary sinuses when inhaled.


Simply connecting

The lime flower’s scientific name is “tilia platyphyllos”. It is derived from the Greek “tilos”, which translates as “bast”. If lime flower branches are placed in water, the bark swells and releases bast fibres. These are combined and woven into clothes and ropes. Paintbrushes are also often made from bast. Using bast from the lime flower to make cords, wickerwork and other similar products dates back to the earliest European history.  The belief that the lime flower connects people to their hearts has been passed down through the ages. It is said that touching wood from a lime flower leads to inner harmony and peace.


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