White lightning power

Horehound (Old English hār = white) revives energy at lightning speed. By using the power of its flowers it transforms blocked mucilage in the respiratory tracts into fluid. The bushy crown of blossoms soothes inflamed respiratory tracts like a woolen shawl.

So many names

Other common names are White or Common Horehound, Wild Horehound, Woolly Horehound, Hoarhound, Malrove, Itsinegiotu or Marrubio.

Useful facts

Standard botanical name: ‘Marrubium vulgare’
Genus: “Marrubium” – “mar” from the Hebrew meaning bitter – “rob” meaning ‘much’
Species name “vulgare”: From the Latin meaning ‘simple, uncomplicated’
Plant family: Labiate (Lamiaceae)
Flowering season: July to September
Harvest: Upper shoots when flowers open
Grows here: Dry grassland, waste ground, rubble and scree. Horehound is a pioneer plant and grows profusely on uncultivated soil.


So many legends

In Germanic mythology, Horehound symbolizes a plant struck by Donar’s lightning, thus preventing lightning striking a heathen or a person unmoved by faith in God. Ever since, Horehound has possessed lightning’s power which is revealed in the white floral crown.
Horehound is associated with the planet Mercury (the Messenger, the God of communication and connection), and the element, Earth. It is reputedly dedicated to Horus, the God of Heaven, and Donar, God of Thunder, respectively. The connection to Horus is also hinted at in the name ‘Horehound’.
The plant also allegedly has a special association with gnomes, elves, pixies and fairies who are said to prefer white flowers. Donar also protects from inconsiderate or unkind behavior.
To release the energy of lightning – symbolic for flashes of intuition – the seeds of Horehound should be crushed and carried in a white bag around the neck.

And so many uses

Horehound activates the immune system, eliminating foreign matter and protecting the respiratory tracts from dust particles. The bitters are also beneficial for the liver and optimize digestion as well as detoxing – they help stimulate the process of excretion via the kidneys.

Effective active ingredients

Bitters, tannins (associated with Lamiaceae or labiate family), though hardly any essential oils.


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