Herb Center

All our herb drops have one thing in common: the soothing Ricola herbs. But not many people know how the herbs end up in the herb drop.

The journey to the Herb Center
But it is a long way from where the herbs are cultivated to the end product. The story of a Ricola herb drop always starts in the fields surrounded by the Swiss mountains – in the Valais, Emmental, Puschlav, Jura or Central Switzerland. In these Swiss cantons and regions, more than one hundred mountain farmers cultivate the soothing herbs – the essence of every Ricola product.

Ricola is meticulous in the cultivation of its herbs, taking a gentle but carefully measured approach. No wonder – herbs are the essential basis of all Ricola products.

Even while they are still growing in the fields, the herbs must show that they are worth processing: a Ricola expert checks the quality of the plants for a first time here. The herbs are harvested when the valuable active ingredients are at their peak. In order to maintain the complex aromas and active ingredients of the herbs, things have to move very quickly after the harvest: the herbs are immediately taken away to be dried.

Ricola quality experts carefully monitor the following criteria:
  • Freshness
  • Color
  • Aroma
  • Purity
  • Concentration and quality of the active substances

In the Herb Center

The herbs are transported to the Herb Center at the production site in Laufen, where 1,400 metric tons of herbs are processed every year. In the Herb Center, they are dried, cleaned, chopped, stored and blended to create the unique Ricola herb blend that is the basis of almost all Ricola products. The optimal link to the existing production facilities gives additional protection to the essential ingredients.

Once the herbs have been transported underground from the Herb Center to the Ricola factory, the valuable ingredients are obtained in a specially developed process that maintains the intensive aromas and active ingredients of the herbs.


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