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For the last years, consumers have been asking: “Does anyone have a Ricola?” Now Ricola is going one step further with its new global brand campaign showing exactly what this traditional Swiss company invented – “Chrüterchraft”! Take a look at our new Chrüterchraft ad.

Chrüterchraft – a magical word with 13 letters for an extraordinary herb drop containing 10 herbs. Soon it enough it will be more than just the great taste of Ricola on everyone’s lips. ’Chrüterchraft’ is a Swiss word that stands for herbs, for efficacy and enjoyment. So this one word incorporates all the Ricola values: the magical blend of herbs, the Swiss heritage, the soothing effect, and the great taste of our products”.



The campaign shows how "Chrüterchraft" works and how it tastes - simply magical! A herb farmer reveals in the ad the meaning of "Chrüterchraft" , while its magical effect is - by way of typical Ricola humor - shown in a wide variety of situations.

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