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Ricola consistently adheres to the principle of “quality before quantity”. Ricola has been supporting the organic cultivation of herbs in the Swiss mountains for 30 years, making it one of the pioneers in Swiss herb cultivation.

The company carefully selects its cultivation areas and farmers. Ricola’s farmers cultivate their herbs over a total area of 71.4 hectares – which corresponds to around 100 soccer fields.

Most of them come from Valais, Emmental, Valposchiavo, the southern foot of the Jura Mountains and Central Switzerland. Wherever possible, Ricola sources its raw materials from within an area of less than 450 kilometres from its Laufen headquarters. Quality and sustainability are systematically ensured throughout the value chain, through Ricola’s long-term relationships with its suppliers, and in particular the herb farmers.

Weeds are removed by hoe and by hand, and insects are deterred with bio-sensitive products. No chemical-synthetic herbicides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers are used. This completely organic cultivation method protects the soil and promotes biodiversity in Switzerland.

Developing a Ricola herb-drop is an art that knows no compromise. Raw materials are selected and tested according to strict criteria, and only the best – those produced using organic and environmentally friendly cultivation methods – can be used to create a Ricola product.
Christina Lutz, Head of Corporate Product Development and Innovation

What we have achieved so far:

  • Certification of farms in mountain regions in accordance with the BAIV (Mountain and Alpine Ordinance)
  • Increased frequency of supplier audits (4-5 per year)
  • Expansion of specifications for suppliers in terms of quality and social requirements

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