Our employees: providing opportunities

Employees take centre stage at Ricola. Ricola places great emphasis on creating a pleasant working environment by ensuring that the 400 or so employees and apprentices worldwide can all fulfill their potential.

Treating one another well and showing respect and appreciation – as expressed through elements such as good employee benefits and a transparent information policy – also help.

It is important for Ricola that employees enjoy their work and can develop their own skills on an ongoing basis.

We offer equal pay, and flexible working hours and opportunities for part-time work where possible (also for skilled workers and management).

These and other measures aimed at increasing employee satisfaction, as well as support for our employees in their training, help to ensure that they enjoy working for Ricola – and that staff turnover has been low for many years.

The Ricola team functions like a big family. It is extremely important to us that everyone feels at home. This is a win-win situation: our down-to-earth corporate culture ensures high levels of dedication, even greater commitment and a strong sense of loyalty.
Pascale Lenzi, Head of Human Resources

What we have achieved so far:

  • Regular employee surveys
  • Production foreman (head of department): Training on “How to present, how to communicate within the team, how to respond to feedback”; company visit on the subject
  • Management training on internal communication

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