Sustainability is our way of life

Ricola is committed to thinking and acting sustainably, and for decades, this has been an important basis for the management’s decision-making. The sustainability strategy is based on the stable foundation of our declaration that “Sustainability is our way of life”.

This commitment places sustainability at the heart of internal processes and reinforces internal and external communication on sustainability issues.

The sustainability strategy focuses on the areas in which the company has the greatest impact on its stakeholders and the environment. This means that the herb specialties and their manufacture are at its core.

The key aspects of Ricola’s social, environmental and economic responsibility


We value our employees.
Ricola creates a pleasant working environment.

82% of all Ricola employees are satisfied with the company. The high number of long-standing employees and low level of fluctuation illustrate this fact.

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We are committed to quality.
Ricola ensures sustainable procurement and products.

For over 30 years, Ricola has been promoting natural, sustainable herb cultivation without the use of pesticides and supporting the diversity of species through careful soil management.

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We respect nature.
Ricola’s operations are run in an environmentally conscious manner.

Production processes have been made more energy-efficient through the use of modern technologies and re-use of waste heat.

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We are an active part of society.
Ricola meets its social responsibility.

As part of COLOSS, the Ricola Foundation is involved in researching the loss of bee colonies and is therefore making a contribution to maintaining the global food supply.

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The Ricola “Green Team”

A team of seven people from the company’s main departments ensures a broad basis for sustainability management at Ricola.

The team comprises experts from the areas of herb cultivation, HR, energy and technology, procurement, product development, packaging and communications.

They developed the sustainability strategy and are responsible for ensuring that the defined sustainability targets are achieved in their area.

To enable this “Green Team” to work even more effectively, there are plans to create a specialist sustainability department that coordinates the various activities and the implementation of the strategy, and serves as a specialist point of contact for internal and external stakeholders.

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