Tradition with a future: Ricola looks back on 80 years of company history. Read more about the Ricola success story.

1930 - 1939

In 1930, master baker Emil Richterich establishes a bakery and confectioners: Richterich & Compagnie Laufen.

1940 - 1959

Emil Richterich creates the Swiss original herb cough drop and Richterich & Co. Laufen is shortened to the catchy name Ricola.

1960 - 1979

The company begins to export its products and expands its distribution worldwide.

1980 - 1999

Ricola supports the cultivation of herbs in Switzerland and launches the practical pocket size boxes for sugar-free herb drops.

2000 – today

The company employs over 400 employees worldwide. Ricola products are available in more than 50 countries.

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