About the Company

Tradition with a future: Find out all the facts about our company history, Ricola’s values and commitment to architecture, art, sustainable production and much more besides.


At Ricola we are really proud of our tradition, values and awards.


Our motto “Naturally good” is our promise to treat nature gently.


At Ricola, outstanding architectural design and productivity go hand in hand.


Ricola’s commitment to contemporary Swiss art dates back to the 1970s.

Ricola Foundation

The Ricola Foundation supports the COLOSS network for research into the severe losses of honeybee colonies worldwide.

Ricola and Celebrities

Backstage or tucked away in handbags: Ricola herb drops are indispensible for many top stars.


Our sponsoring activities emphasize the company’s brand values: Herbs and their provenance, their effect, enjoyment, quality, nature and genuine source.

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