Lady's Mantle

Admired for centuries

Guttation water (resembling dew drops) on Lady’s Mantle was always believed to have special powers. In fact, the water is not dew, but sap forming on the leaf tip from the leaf base.

For the philosopher’s stone

Alchemists used this guttation water from ‘Alchemilla vulgaris’ to produce the proverbial ‘Philosopher’s Stone’. These water droplets were said to be impregnated with powers making fertilization possible without external intervention. It was believed that women intuitively possessed this life-giving power in their womb. In fact, the fruit of Lady’s Mantle develop through self-pollination, a process known as parthenogenesis. On the other hand, Hildegard von Bingen is said to have used Lady’s Mantle as a contraceptive...

Growth, flowering and harvest

Grows here: Depending on the soil composition, the plant has a different form and flowers (white to reddish). Grows in Europe and Asia
Habitat: Meadows, waysides and along arable fields, open forest ground, rubble and waste ground
Flowering season: May to October
Harvest: Herb, plants in flower: May to October. The leaves are also harvested during the flowering season.


The botanical name is ‘Alchemilla xanthochlora’ which is also used in pharmaceutical research. The name ‘Alchemilla’ is derived from ‘alkymia’ in reference to the natural philosophy of alchemy. The species name ‘xanthochlora’ is derived from Greek ‘xanthos’ (meaning yellowish) and ‘chlorós’ (yellowish–green) and resembling the color of the flowers.
Other common names include: Dewcup, Stellaria, Lion’s Foot or Nine Hooks.


What do the doctors say?

Lady’s Mantle helps treat premenstrual tension as well as binge attacks, tension in the chest, pain or mood swings caused by the menstrual cycle. The plant is astringent, anti-inflammatory, prevents diarrhoea, heals wounds and is an immunotherapeutic agent.

And according to natural philosophy?

Lady’s Mantle helps alleviate hormonal mood swings in women, especially before puberty and the menopause. The herb also strengthens female organs during phases of hormonal change. Lady’s Mantle is empowering, helps boost femininity and generally puts people in touch with the deeper powers of intuition.

Why is it contained in the Ricola 13-herb blend?

Lady’s Mantle contains tannins as active ingredients that tighten mucilage, providing a defensive barrier and protecting from infections.