Herb drops in production

Whether in classic Ricola yellow, orange, dark green or violet wrappers, in bags, practical click-shut boxes or in drums: Ricola herb drops come in a variety of colors and shapes.

Refining the taste

Finally, all the liquid is strained from the herb infusion leaving a highly concentrated extract of Swiss herbs. Depending on the flavor, other natural ingredients are added to the herb mixture such as plant extracts, sugar or sugar substitutes and sweeteners. Ricola pays particular attention to the quality and natural condition of other basic ingredients and uses no artificial colorings or flavorings. The mixture is then heated, cooled and formed in a long string, shaped and cut into cubes. The Ricola herb drop is now finished!

From Laufen to the whole world

While production is located 100% in Switzerland, a number of years ago Ricola already began packaging its own products for direct supply to sales markets. This makes perfect sense both ecologically and economically. For this reason, a major part of Ricola products are packed and distributed in France and in the USA.