Our operations: living up to commitments

The careful use of resources plays a major role in the production of Ricola herbal sweets. As an environmentally aware business, Ricola aims to use resources with care throughout the production process.

It does this by cutting energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions, reducing material consumption for packaging, generating less waste and wastewater from production or reusing it wherever possible, and optimising transport routes and facilities.

The manufacture of herbal sweets is an energy-intensive activity, so it is all the more important for Ricola to make efficient use of energy and continuously optimise the production process. Wherever possible, the resulting waste products and waste heat are recovered and reused.

Ricola has invested around CHF 3.5 million in energy efficiency measures since 2001 and succeeded in increasing energy efficiency by approx. 24 per cent from 2001 to 2012. In 2013, energy efficiency stood at 123 per cent, with 2001 taken as the base year with a level of 100 per cent.

My vision is that I can look around our production buildings and see absolutely no steam rising from the chimneys because all the waste heat is being reused. We are continually working to make this vision a reality.
Daniel Bhend, Head of Technics, Engineering & Occupational Safety

What we have achieved so far:

  • Packaging material minimised without compromising product protection
  • Reduced cardboard thickness of Z-click boxes for the rest of the range
  • Identification of ways to reduce packaging material
  • Optimisation of biogas use and plant management
  • Kräuterzentrum’s heat requirements fully covered by waste heat from the Wahlenstrasse factory
  • Planning of an employee awareness campaign on resource consumption