Our society: assuming responsibility

Ricola is an international company with Swiss roots and adopts a socially responsible approach at all its sites.

Contributing to the local value chain is a major pillar of our sustainability strategy.

Not the least of the ways in which Ricola discharges its social responsibility is its targeted support for charitable, social and environmental projects.

To achieve this, we plan to continue developing Laufen as a production site and communicate transparently about our activities in this regard.

We will continue to expand and strategically align our support for social, cultural and environmental projects.

We are committed to Switzerland as a business location and to our region. We are working actively to this end and shoulder our responsibilities in our local area.
Felix Richterich, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

What we have achieved so far:

  • Training for beekeepers and enhancement of marketability of local honey in Uganda
  • Optimisation of value creation contribution in the region